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Project Pitch: Elder Care Shoveling

Elder Care Shoveling

Infrastructure and Community.

How might we better facilitate communication between the City of Boston and certified volunteers to shovel snow for elders?

The City of Boston has a corps of certified volunteers who will be available to help shovel out walkways, parking lots, and sidewalks around elder housing in the case of a huge snowstorm. We don’t however, have a good way of viewing the list of volunteers (including their availability, contact information, and area of coverage) or of efficiently contacting them in the case of an emergency. One possible way to do this would be to build an app or other messaging system that would let us tell them when they are needed along with instructions on how to proceed once called.


Andrea Burns, Commission on Affairs of the Elderly,

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    A few questions:

    1.) How are volunteers matched with buildings? Is there one request going out for all the buildings or does each building send out it’s own, individual request for volunteers?
    2.) Are there dozens of buildings and hundreds of volunteers? What is the scale?
    3.) When requests are sent out, do you want to contact all the volunteers every time? Or is there a certain number each time?
    4.) How do you currently report statistics? What other statistics would it be helpful to collect?
    5.) Do you want the official list of volunteers to be accessed and edited within the app? Or will you want to export the list and do edits in an external program like Excel?
    6.) We are thinking the app will ask volunteers to fill out a form asking for their: full name, phone, address, and email. Any other info we should collect?


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