Projects must fit into one of the three focus areas: Transit, Infrastructure, or Community, and be relevant to solving winter-related issues. Groups should work towards solving a challenge presented by a community partner, or pitch their own project in the Discussions tab, which is also where you can connect with others to discuss ideas and form a team.

Categories are fairly general, and are loosely defined as follows:

  • Transit: Addresses issues of transportation, and may include work with public or private transit organizations.
  • Infrastructure: Addresses isses of critical winter-related infrastructure and services, including energy efficiency, housing / homelessness, plow trackers, and other structural issues.
  • Community: Addresses ways that we can help each other as humans during winter, such as shovel services, food security, elder care, and more.

Keep in mind that we're not necessarily looking for 100% fleshed-out apps; prototypes that demonstrate functionality are OK too!

Participants are also expected to abide by Code for Boston's Code of Conduct